York Castle

There are plenty of things to do in York for anyone with a fleeting interest in history, from ghost walks, Viking treasures and Roman ruins there is plenty to keep you occupied. York is a walled city packed with a rich historical past. All over the city there are reminders of its checkered history with its Roman walls, hilltop castle and pubs that were frequented by many notable historical characters including Guy Fawkes.

York has a lot of attractions for a single weekend but offers a diverse range of choice for adults and children alike.

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    Tea and cake at Betty's Tea Room

    A real traditional English treat. Betty's Tea Room has people queueing daily to try their famous afternoon tea, crumpets and home baked cakes. The service is by traditional waiters and waitresses and tea is served in silver pots. It is probably a bit pricier than other tea rooms in York, but oh so worth it. I highly recommend the Cinnamon Crumpets... YUM!

    Website Betty's Tea Room York

    August 11th 2013
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    Be Scared & Laugh at The York Dungeon

    If you're after a bit of scary fun whilst in York then the dungeons might be the place to go. Enthusiastic actors are employed to play various different roles to scare and amuse visitors with haunting tales from York's past.

    Not recommended for those with a nervous disposition!

    Website The York Dungeon Website

    July 1st 2013
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    York Minster

    You can't visit York without visiting York Minster, it's likely that you'll stumble across it anyway. The stunning Gothic cathedral towers above the rest of the city and can be viewed from various angles on a walk around the city walls. It's the second largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe and is an impressive sight. You can also climb the 275 steep spiral steps to the tower where you'll be greeted by some wonderful views. It can be windy and make sure you're fit enough for the climb (it's not that easy!). Slightly spoiling the view is a metal cage that's placed over the top of the tower preventing any good photo opportunities.
    June 6th 2013
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    Smell the Jorvik Viking Museum

    Jorvik Viking Museum entertains and educates at the same time. Largely thanks to it's Viking ride that takes you on a slow journey around various different scenes recreated from viking times. Even the smells have been recreated to give you a sense that you're actually there. There's also on-board commentary to help you understand how people lived and went about their day lives.

    For those that don't find reading about history in museums that compelling, Jorvik's mixture of entertainment and educational aspects could be the perfect mix.

    WebsiteJorvik Viking Centre

    July 15th 2013
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    The City Walls

    For breathtaking views of York Minister take a stroll around the historic Roman City Walls. You'll get a great view of the Minister in various locations including the Bootham Bar to Monk Bar section of the wall.

    It's a perfect option on a summer's day, it's a great place to start as it gives you a good idea of the layout of York.
    June 20th 2013
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    The Shambles

    Named after butchers shelves that held overhanging meat, the Shambles is a lane full of character and wonderful quint buildings. Stroll down the area that was once home to numerous butchers shops and previously named "The Great Flesh Shambles".

    These days there is only one butchers in the area and the shops on the Shambles tend to sell gifts and produce geared towards tourists.
    June 20th 2013
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    Got a sweet tooth? Yorks Sweet Story

    What could be better than a museum and tour dedicated to chocolate? Well York has one, discover the cities chocolate history including being home to Terry’s and Rowntree and check out the chocolate making process. Chocolate was once a big industry in York

    Keep your eyes open for the blue Kit Kat (I thought they'd always been red) and also sampling opportunities!

    Website York's Sweet Story

    Twitter Yorkschocstory

    June 22nd 2013
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    The Evil Eye

    Always recommended by locals, the Evil Eye serves up some exceptional cocktails and food. From the outside this bar looks pretty small, but don't be put off, it's definitely worth a visit. Be warned though, the cocktail menu is pretty massive and they do a great roast on a Sunday. What more could you want?

    Twitter EvilEyeBar
    June 24th 2013
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    Clifford's Tower

    Right next to the Castle Museum in York, on top of a hill you'll find Clifford's Tower. The well kept tower is steeped in history and is in many a York ghost story. Visitors can wander the ruins for some great views of York. It was originally built by William I as a statement of power in the area, but it's also been the scene of some gruesome massacres, battles and burials over the years.

    Website English Heritage - Clifford's Tower, York

    July 15th 2013
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    York's National Railway Museum

    Right beside the train station in York is the National Railway Museum, a huge place showcasing railway history throughout the years.

    The museum has some great trains on show such as the British Pullman and Japanese Bullet train. Visitors get the chance to view these impressive trains close up and even venture inside some of them.

    The history of the railways is also documented with a room dedicated to railway artifacts. It's a great place to spend half a day with the kids.

    Website National Railway Museum Website

    July 30th 2013
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    Cold War Kids - Yorks Nuclear Bunker

    Described as a "spin-chilling" property by English Heritage, York's Cold War Bunker is an intriguing place to visit. The bunker was in service from 1960's - 1990's and was design to be the monitoring centre for fall-out during a nuclear attack.

    Beyond the bunkers bomb-blast doors you'll get a fascinating guided tour plus a introductory film and the opportunity to visit the decontamination room.

    It's an interesting place to visit, especially if you are into your cold war history. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable

    Website English Heritage - Yorks Cold War Bunker

    August 6th 2013
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    Dig into Archaeology

    Right next to the Jorvic Viking Centre is DIG, situated in an old church this place is perfect for educating kids on archaeology. It's both fun and educational.

    DIG helps visitors understand York's history through archaeology beginning with the Romans to the Vikings, through the Medieval period and finally the Victorian era.

    Blog Post DIG Jorvik, York

    August 27th 2013

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