Riga Blonde Parade
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    Go Blonde in Riga

    The blonde parade or "Go Blonde" in Riga was first setup to lift the gloom around Riga's recession and with the aim of boosting tourism.

    I happened to be in Riga when it was on, it was certainly colourful, entertaining and cheerful. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the city and the parade is on.

    For the parade around 500 blonde (mainly female from what I could tell!) participants walk around the city dressed in a colourful combination of pink and white white some walking with their lap dogs.

    The organisers hope the annual event will grow each year, judging by what I saw it was pretty popular.

    Website Wikipedia Go Blonde Festival

    Blog Post Blonde Parade To Beat Recession In Latvia

    July 22nd 2013
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    Try Riga Black Balsam in Skyline Bar

    The modern and funky Skyline bar boasts the best views of Riga, and is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down whilst sipping a fabulous cocktail. This is certainly not the cheapest place to drink (entry is 2 LVL each and drinks are around 5 LVL) but the stunning view makes the additional cost worthwhile.

    There were so many delicious-sounding drinks on the menu, but I settled on one called Riga’s Knockout, which contained local liquor Riga Black Balsam & sparkling wine. It was fairly potent but not at all unpleasant, and I was glad to be able to try the local drink whilst I was in the city.

    Blog Post A Weekend in Riga

    July 22nd 2013
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    Wander Around Vecrīga - Old Riga

    Located on the east side of Daugava River is the historic centre of Riga. It's a beautiful place to wander with famous old churches, cathedrals and stunning archetiture. Amongst the old building, Art Nouveau architecture and tiny roads you're likely to spot the Riga Cathedral and St. Peter's Church.

    There are also plenty of nice places to eat and drink in the area with live music on the street, a perfect spot to watch the world go by.

    Website Vecrīga, Riga - Tourism Website

    August 1st 2013
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    Pulkvedis Nightclub - Avoiding Stag Dos

    When I went to Riga, the most important question I asked the hostel was "where can i go for a night out that will not have any stag dos or many English people" their answer: Pulkvedis.

    This is quite simply the best club I have ever been to, the odd thing is, there is nothing in it that makes it that special, it's not huge, has OK music and the drinks are well priced. But the people are all great, so friendly and all, bar staff as well as customers, seemed to want you to be there. It's the kind of club you could go to by yourself, and be guaranteed to not be alone. Still better with a friend or two mind you!

    Website Pulkvedis Website

    August 1st 2013
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    Enjoy White Sand in Jurmala

    About 25 kilometers west of Riga is Jurmala, a resort with some great beaches. There are also some great accommodation options if you do want to stay longer than a day trip. During the summer Jurmala is a great place to escape to from Riga, to relax in the sun with an amazing view of the sea. History fans can also learn also about the Germans occupation before the First World War while touring this city.
    June 23rd 2013
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    Pop up Markets in in Kalnciema quarter

    The Kalnciema quarter is one of the most bohemian areas of the city, it's away from the normal touristy spots but worth the effort for the experience.

    Every Saturday there are pop up markets with food, wine and gifts, it's a great place to browse around whilst sampling some local delicacies.

    Website www.kalnciemaiela.lv

    August 5th 2013

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