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    Cycle Everywhere

    Copenhagen is made for cyclists, the streets are flat, with cycle lanes everywhere and you will feel safer than any other city. When in Copenhagen you must hire a bike and cycle your way around the city, you can get everywhere in a few minutes and see all the gorgeous sites Copenhagen has to offer. There are spots to park your bike everywhere and the cars will always put cyclists first.

    Blog Post Copenhagen Cycling Culture

    August 11th 2013
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    Eat Smushi

    A cross between Sushi and traditional Danish Smorgasbord ... delicious open sandwiches topped with meats, cheeses, salads or fish. Most cafes serve smorgasbord, but for the really yummy stuff head to The Royal Smushi Cafe. Everything I tried there was sensational

    Blog Post Getting Around Copenhagen

    August 11th 2013
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    Take the high dive, Island Brugge

    If you're looking for something free to do in Copenhagen (and the weather is good) head down to the Islands Brugge, a very fashionable harbour-front swimming pool in Indre By.

    It's a vibrant and occasionally flashy area of the city where people sun themselves on the grass and relax in the bars and cafes. If you're brave enough you can take a dip in the clean, fresh waters or throw yourself off the diving board.

    August 14th 2013
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    The Famous Little Mermaid

    Ever heard the little mermaid in Copenhagen? This is a historical statute that is 3 meters tall and was created by one of the ancient leader of the country. You'll find the Little Mermaid on the waterfront with a great view of the harbour, but be warned, it's a little bit of a walk. There is also a similar statute like this one in Kastellet.
    June 23rd 2013
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    Copenhagen Zoo Is a Must Visit

    When touring Copenhagen one of the best places to visit is the zoo. There are many different species of animals here and a tropical climate where you can find the zoos crocodiles. This is a great place to bring kids as they will have an opportunity to see many different species of birds. The zoo, whilst being pretty large retains a certain charm about it, there is plenty to see and do here.
    June 23rd 2013
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    Enjoy the Botanic Garden of Copenhagen

    If you're looking for a relaxing experience in Copenhagen then you should find time to visit the botanic garden. This is a great place to relax and to take a romantic walk with your other half. The garden also is a wonderful sight and park with plenty of benches if you need a rest and take in the lovely view of the lake.
    June 23rd 2013
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    Learn How Beer is Made in Carlberg Brewery

    Ever wondered why Denmark is one of the worlds leading beer producers? Well your answer is in the Carlsberg brewery. This is a must visit while you are in Copenhagen, you will learn a lot about the beer making process and how this industry has survived for such a very long time. There is no doubt that you will learn to appreciate the hard work that is done to come up with the beer that so many people love to drink.
    June 26th 2013
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    NY Carlsberg Glyptotek

    If you are visiting Denmark and specifically Copenhagen then you must visit one of the best museums in this area. The NY Carlsberg Glyptotek will take your breath away through with its wonderful scenery and historical artifacts. The museum contains art that was created Ancient and Medieval Era. This is a great place where you can learn the history of this region.
    June 26th 2013
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    Shopping in Copenhagen During Wondercool Festival

    If you want to learn more about the fashion of the people of Denmark then the Wondercool Festival is the perfect spot for you. There's some eye catching fashion and designs on offer for those looking for a bargain. The Wondercool Festival will give you a good idea of why Denmark is renown for fashion.
    June 26th 2013
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    See Why Stroget is Called The Longest Runway in The World

    When visiting Copenhagen then you can’t afford to miss paying a visit to the world famous area of the city, Stroget. You'll find the street in the centre of Copenhagen and it is the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe and a carfree zone.
    June 26th 2013
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    Beautiful Architecture In Copenhagen, Christiansborg Palace

    Christiansborg Palace is one of the oldest buildings in the city and it is home to the workings of government in Denmark. It houses the ministry of state as well as the Supreme Court and not to mention the parliament of Denmark. This is an important place to visit not only for its political associations but because of its stunningly beautiful architecture.
    June 26th 2013
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    Sample Copenhagen's Speciality - The Hot Dog

    If you're looking to sample a Copenhagen speciality then try the hot dog. These red sausage hot dogs are served piled with toppings of chopped onions, roasted onion bits and sliced sweetened pickled cucumber. Copenhagen's classic hot dog comes in a bun with with mustard, peppery ketchup and remoulade, a sweet tartar sauce.

    With hundreds of hot dog stall around the city and often open 24 hours any visit should involve a hot dog or two.
    August 22nd 2013

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