How Does It Work?

We’re big fans of crowdsourcing at, so much so we think it’s the best way to create the ultimate list of things to do in a place.

Crowd-Sourcing the quality

We also believe in quality content, so the idea is to produce amazing crowd-sourced lists of “things to do in” places around the world. Instead of just having one person create a list of things to do, it makes much more sense to tap into the knowledge of many people who have visited or lived in the place. So come on, help us to produce some of the most help lists of things to do in your favourite place!

How It Works

1. FIND A Place

At the moment we’ve just started but the list of places on will grow. Find a favourite place of yours in the world, somewhere you have some great tips of things to see or do by using the search box.

2. SHARE “Things To Do” In That Place

Locate the green button on the right hand side or at the bottom of the list of things to do and share your tip.
Share Thing To Do

Simply fill out the form with the Title of your “thing to do”, its description and what category it fits into.

You can also link to a blog post you’ve written if it is highly relevant to the tip that you’re submitting. For example a link to a full review of a restaurant, bar, cafe or museum that you have submitted as a tip.

Any tips with non specific and relevant blog posts will not be published

As soon as we’ve had chance to review your entry we’ll publish it.

Thing To Share

The first time you do this you will have to sign up via Twitter and your email address. Once logged in you can share your tips and up vote other “things to do”. “things to do” are ordered by the ones with the most votes at the top.

All entries are moderated as they are published, so please share your best tips.

Strictly no SEO links.

Vote for things to do

You can also easily up vote an “thing to do” entry by clicking on the thumbs up icon on the right hand side.

Up Vote

Please vote for your favourite entries because we want the best entries to float to the top.

Have fun sharing and voting!

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We use Twitter to create user accounts on the site, once registered you'll be able to submit "things to do in" your favourite travel destinations.

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