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  1. Things To Do In Berlin

    Peristal Signum: Labyrinth Inside a Berlin Club

    Berlin’s most surrealist bar experience is right where you’d expect it to be—in the trendy Friedrichshain borough where all the American hipsters and drunk tourists hang out. Just a few blocks from some of Berlin’s most legendary nightclubs, the club Wilde Renate is a mismatched collection of buildings surrounding a small beer garden.

    An easy place to get lost in—even more so because there’s a purposely built labyrinth underneath the club called Peristal Signum. For 10€ you can enter the labyrinth (blindfolded at first, and always alone) and make your way through what's seemingly a metal junkyard. Used car parts, strange noises, dark spaces & bright lights can all be found on the inside.

    Blog Post Losing myself in Berlin’s most surrealist bar & labyrinth

    August 1st 2013
  2. Things To Do In Berlin

    Berlinale Film Festival

    The annual Berlinale Film Festival is one of the highlights of any winter IMHO. There’s little better than curling up in a cinema during a particularly depressing winter day. The Film Festival attracts celebrities and stars from around the world and the features previewed here are often some of the best shown around the world.

    Pay close attention to the "Generation" films, the Berlinale’s section for children and youths. Tickets are often cheaper and you just might be surprised.

    Blog Post 10 Reasons Why To Visit Berlin in the Winter

    August 2nd 2013
  3. Things To Do In Berlin

    Visit Abandoned Spaces in Berlin

    Berlin is an evolving city and is regularly changing. That means many of its buildings are left stranded and abandoned. With the city's unique graffiti & creative culture, however, these abandoned spaces are often perfect for urban exploring.

    Do a bit of research before visiting abandoned places in Berlin to avoid run-ins with the police, unfortunate homeless inhabitants or zombies. And as always: be safe - many places are often illegal to enter even if the gates are unlocked and wide open to the public.

    Blog Post PHOTO ESSAY: Abandoned Berlin Hospital

    August 26th 2013
  4. Things To Do In London

    Food Tour in East London

    What better way to discover a culture than through it's food? Take this 3.5 hour walking tour through London's East End and you're sure to come away with a full belly and a whole lot of random historical tidbits about London's most interesting neighborhood.

    Blog Post Taste East End - London Food Tour

    August 26th 2013

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