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  1. Things To Do In Berlin

    Best Breakfast in Berlin

    The best way to start the day in Berlin or a way to end your trip in the city is by starting of the day by visiting this little cafe in a hidden court yard. My friend and loved it so much we returned there twice! The best cheese and salmon bagel I ever tasted and the surroundings are great too.

    Blog Post Historical Walks and Talks in Berlin

    August 6th 2013
  2. Things To Do In London

    Have Breakfast At Borough Market

    Breakfast in Borough Market. Walking around the market whilst spotting the glimmering Shard peering through the roof openings of the market in what is now a blend of old meets new you can see tourists and locals blending into one cosmopolitan blend of what now beautifully represents London. All strolling around taking in the scents of all that is on offer from the sellers at the market. Almost every country is represented here. From American cheese cakes good enough to make a New York into believing they were tasting Brooklyn finest sweet stuff, to Parisian macaroons in the sweetest colours, to Turkish patisseries, Israelis humus severed with warm flat breads. The smell of Spanish paella being cooked in massive pans. Each time I travel I make every effort to see that markets abroad so its always great to take my senses on a journey without jetting off to another country.


    February 8th 2014
  3. Things To Do In Milan

    48 Hours In Milan

    The city named as the fashion capital of Italy. I might be in the minority here, but I wasn't that impressed with Milan. Sure they have the imposing Duomo with an amazing 3000 statues and 135 spires as the city's focal point. It also didnt help that there were lots of pigeons and people relentlessly offering you bird seeds to feed the pigeons. I still was not getting that wow factor having walked around the city. I was exploring the city limits with my sister. Walking around the Parco Sempion, Milan's large park with lots of landmarks around the greenery. One of these that cannot be missed is the Porta Sempione, the city gate of Milan. Walking through the park we wondered back to Sforza Castle or Castello Sforzesco if you prefer the Italian reference. This also used to be one of Europe's largest Citadels but now houses museums. Built in the 15th century by Franceso Sforzfa(Duke of Milan).

    Blog Post 48 Hours in Milan | Visual Diary

    September 16th 2014
  4. Things To Do In Rome

    Let the Roman Fountains guide you.

    There is more to Rome than just the Colosseum. Rome has some 280 fountains and each with beautiful stories about money, love and power. They are free, and have some of the most beautifully sculptured figures.

    So next time you are in Rome don't just rush off to the Colosseum and Bascilicas, you can do that too but try and guess the story behind the figures on the fountains as you pass the Roman piazzas

    Blog Post Roman Flow: The Fountains of Rome

    August 6th 2013
  5. Things To Do In Stockholm

    Watch the changing of Guards

    Strike it lucky and wonder the streets of Stockholm in time catch the Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace(around 12 noon). It was something my friend and I had not planned on seeing, but got to see anyway. Plus, it's a free thing to see in an expensive city. The perfect addition to walking around the area of Old Town (Gamla Stan) around noon time.

    Blog Post A Weekend in Stockholm - A Scandinavian Escape

    August 6th 2013
  6. Things To Do In Venice

    Tour The City Of Venice By Varporetto

    Tour the city of Venice without blowing the budget. That is unless you want to ride the Gondola for 80 euros a pop, otherwise for 18 euros grab yourself an 12-hour travel pass for the Varporetto water buses and take in the sites as you hop-on and hop-off the buses.

    Blog Post Snapshots of Venice: Gondolas, Grand Canals and Piazzas

    August 6th 2013
  7. Things To Do In London

    Things To Do In Little Venice

    Little Venice is a little village in the borough of Westminster where Regent's Canal meets Grand Junction Canal. It's cut between Paddington, Maida Vale and Warrick Avenue. Lined with beautiful Georgian and Victorian town houses, willow trees and canal waterways. Beautiful architecture, some of which was designed by John Nash who designed the beautiful Regents Park. Now, you won't find gondolas here and the whole village doesn't float on water like Venice, but nonetheless Little Venice has a certain charm about it. You can take canal boat trips and navigate through the picturesque routes along Regents Canal in this affluent part of London. Its a haven for beautiful architecture, restaurants offering dinning with views of canal boats floating by. With its close proximity to Abbey Road recording studios don't be too surprised if you spot a musician or two in the area.

    Blog Post Little Venice Guide | Canals, Boat Trips, Restaurants and More

    September 16th 2014
  8. Things To Do In Tel Aviv

    A Weekend In Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv is vibrant and alive with buzzing culture, a beautiful sun-kissed Mediterranean promenade filled with sun worshipers in an unexpectedly modern city. With traffic gridlocks that would match that of London, its a good thing too that you have the equivalent of Boris bikes in Tel Aviv. This makes exploring a lot easier but we took to the sights on foot after parking the car. In about 5 years time you will be able to explore the whole of Israel on a bike with the proposed 100km national bike trail. The promenade is filled with skaters and runners, ice-cream touting kids on the block, cafes, restaurants, designer shops and night clubs, most of which are open 24 hours. Tel Aviv also seems to be a place where a lot of Israelis living out of town come for weekend entertainment and relation. The city also comes alive at night with party-loving Tel Avivans mingling in the coolest bars around town.


    September 16th 2014

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